2019 Harvest Holiday Distillers’ Club


Hello Fellow Members of the Thinking Tree Spirits Distillers Club!

We hope your summer has been wonderful and that this fall season has settled in nicely. Autumn harvest is upon us, Kaylon and crew have been working on some seasonal releases that will be ready just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our 2019 Harvest Holiday Distillers Club will be available on Thursday November 14th.

Featured spirits in this very limited pre-release will be:

The first bottling of Thinking Tree’s gravity fed solaire Barrel Aged Rum
Made with molasses exclusively sourced from Glory Bee here in Eugene, this rum has been aged in a gravity fed solaire barrel system featuring a five oak barrel blend.
80 proof/40% ABV

2019 Fall Harvest Quince Brandy
Fermented and distilled from fresh Willamette Valley quince fruit, this brandy has been barrel aged in a custom French Limousine oak cask.
80 proof/4o% ABV

2019 Summer Peach Liqueur
Crafted from late summer harvest peaches sourced from Me & Moore Farms near Mt. Pisgah, this spirit is distilled from grapes then soaked in the fresh peaches for sixty days. After it’s aged, the leftover fruit is made into a compote and added back to complete this one of a kind liqueur.
60 proof/30% ABV

Final Bottling of the 2019 Gifted Gin
Exciting things are on the horizon here at Thinking Tree Spirits! As with any craft beverage production company, we produce things in small batches and our recipes change depending on the farms we work with and the quality of the ingredients being used. This will be the last bottling of our classic Gifted Gin until it’s next seasonal release.
80 proof/40% ABV


This years’ Harvest Holiday Distillers Club will be available to pre-purchase online or at the Tasting Room starting October 24 through November 7th for $130 per package.

The spirits can be picked up at the Thinking Tree Spirits Distillery & Tasting Room starting November 14th through the 27th.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to tasting these exclusive spirits with you!

Erik Chapman

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