The Distillery

At Thinking Tree Spirits, we’re proud to say we hand-made our stills. We use a traditional pot still for our aged spirits that we created from a repurposed 1942 jam and dairy tank. We embrace traditional techniques to mill, mash, ferment and distill high quality spirits. Our column still was built in Portland, Oregon by Bridgetown Brew Systems. We implement a fully closed loop heating and cooling system that allows us to recycle our waste heat into our process and into our floors, heating our feet in the cold winter months. This very unique approach is not only economical, but also embodies our ethics as a sustainable business using as little water and gas as possible.

The high quality taste and purity of our clear spirits is attributed to the narrow cuts we make in our distilling process, and that we filter our gin and vodka more than 21 times through our rectifying column before we even begin the proofing process.

Every drop is made by hand with great care. Above, Head Distiller Kaylon McAlister checks the alcohol by volume with a hydrometer. We select only the hearts of the run, offering you the very best in each bottle.