Meet The Makers

Emily Jensen - Oracle of Operations

Emily oversees the general operations of Thinking Tree Spirits. As the lady of all trades, Emily has her hands in every aspect of the operation. From networking, media and advertising, packaging, staffing and legal, Emily ensures all aspects of the distillery are running smoothly. She is our brand ambassador and brings our company vision to the masses. Emily is a strong musician with a big easy voice and a free laugh.

Kaylon MCalister - Chief Distiller

Kaylon nurtures a life-long love affair with all things fermentation. His outlet for creativity comes to life in his distilling. Be it a peach, a blueberry, or a hazelnut, Kaylon delights in capturing its essence and bottling it. He is thrilled to share his passion for crafting great spirits with you. Kaylon is our Renaissance man and his jokes keep us all smiling.

Bryan Jensen - Conductor

Bryan is our mechanical engineer. Bryan is responsible for designing much of our equipment, production line and our closed loop heating and cooling systems. Bryan eats complex equations, boilers, compressors, plumbing quandaries and pressure systems for breakfast. Bryan lives for a great powder day and throws a mean forehand frisbee.  He did R&D while working for NASA.

Nicole Craig - Skipper of Sales & Events

Nicole oversees Oregon sales and online distribution of spirits. She also coordinates fun events in the distillery and in the region.

Nicole is growing our Oregon sales staff and retail division.  Cool under pressure, she picks up the slack, and infuses the distillery with a Round Table working communication the knights would envy. Much to all of our enjoyment, Nicole is also a gifted Chef.

Quinn Baxter - Distilling & Production

Quinn has his hands in every part of the spirit making process, from mashing, checking ferments and distilling to filtering and bottling our spirits. Quinn also writes fiction, plays guitar and loves border collies. It’s a toss up between Cormac McCarthy and Tolstoy on novels, but Coltrane’s music from the 60’s hits the spot. Quinn wants you to know he’ll be dead and in the cold, cold ground before he goes back to Idaho Falls, and he loves working at Thinking Tree.